This page lists some of the software that I use that is an alternative to expensive software and some that doesn't replace anything but is just free. Most of it is Open Source.

Office tools

  • OpenOffice - Alternative to Office
  • FreeMind - Free mind mapping software, alternative to MindManager
  • PDFCreator - Create a PDF printer (Windows only)
  • Wink - Tutorial and presentation creation software

Internet tools

  • Firefox browser - Web browser, good alternative to Internet Explorer
  • Thunderbird - Mail client, good alternative to Outlook
  • NVU - Web page editor, alternative to Frontpage.
  • Putty - A telnet/SSH client
  • FileZilla - An FTP client (Windows only)
  • WinSCP -  An SFTP client (Windows only)
  • RealVNC - Remote access software, alternative to software such as PcAnywhere

Development tools

  • Eclipse - Integrated development environment, alternative to VisualStudio
  • StarUML - UML Modeling tool, alternative to Rational Rose. (Windows only)
  • OpenWorkbench - Project management and scheduling, alternative to Project (Windows only)
  • Tortoise SVN - An excellent Subversion client
  • Pelles C - A small C development environment for windows

Multimedia tools

  • The GIMP - General image manipulation tool, alternative to PhotoShop
  • Inkscape - Scalable vector graphics editor
  • Audacity - Free Audio Editor and Recorder
  • VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS.

Other tools and applications

  • PowerOFF - Useful application to schedule turning off your windows machine (Windows only)
  • AxCrypt - Using windows Home without file encryption capabilities?  No problem, use this! (Windows only)
  • 7-Zip - Open source utility for manipulating archives. (Windows only)

Last update: December 3d 2007