Here are a few links to stuff that I find useful, interesting or entertaining...


World Factbook: Excellent information about any country.
Human development trends: Interesting presentation from Gapminder (also on google)
Google Maps: Select "satellite" and see the whole planet.
OECD Factbook: Data about countries belonging to OECD.
Commanding Heights: The battle for the world economy


Country Profile: From the World Factbook.
Country Brief: From the World Bank.
Country Briefing: From the Economist.
Statistical Profile: From the OECD.
Mexico City seen from the sky: Beautiful pictures from the city taken by a helicopter pilot.
Le Mexique, du Pacifique aux Caraïbes: Beautiful photo tour of Mexico, from the Pacific to the Caribbean (in french)


Wikipedia: The free Encyclopedia.
How Stuff Works: Learn how many things work.
Wordsmyth: English dictionary and thesaurus.
Currency Exchange Rates: Continually updated.


Slashdot: Stay tuned with the latest geek news.
OSnews: News about Operating Systems.
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource.
Open Ports Audit: Check if your computer is vulnerable.

Skepticism / Critical thinking

James Randi Educational Foundation: Promotion of critical thinking and a million dollar challenge.
Critical analysis podcast
Here Be Dragons: A short movie that provides an introduction to critical thinking
CSICOP: Comitee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
Skeptical Inquirer: The magazine for science and reason. Official Richard Dawkins website
Penn and Teller: Don't miss their excellent TV show Bullshit!


Where The Hell is Matt: Dancing badly around the world (try to find me in "Dancing 2008", hint: it's in the Mexico scene)
Strong Bad E-mail: Funny character that answers a different e-mail every monday.
Piled Higher and Deeper: A grad student comic strip.
The big bang theory: A hilarious TV show.
RadioParadise: Listener supported radio.

Last update: July 11th 2008