The following is a list of projects that I have worked on since I began my research career.

Development of a management system for the PCyTI graduate program

I am currently working with a team of undegraduate students in the development of a management system of our information technologies and sciences graduate program. The system is being developed using Scrum and a variety of technologies.

Improving architectural competences in a software development company

I have been working since 2009 on an applied research project in collaboration with Quarksoft, a CMMi level 5 software development company. This project has focused on deploying architecture development methods in the organization processes. Architecture development methods have been adapted both for the development and the presales processes.

Two presentations of this project have been made a the SATURN conference:

Development of an FCAPS system

In this project, which took place in an industrial context (from 2006 to 2008), I experimented the use of open source tools and a particular configuration of RUP to support the development of a network management application by a small team of developers.

A paper was published about the project:

MDA Tool for the development of service-oriented component-based applications

This project, which took place in 2006, was realized in collaboration with Didier Donsez from the Adele team at LSR and was sponsored by the Laboratorio Franco Mexicano de Informática (LAFMI). In this project, a tool to model and build components following an MDA approach was built. The tool was used to model Service Binder and Wire Admin components. Two students participated: Nestor Riba (Mexico) and Lionel Touseau (France). Nestor was my first graduated Master's student and we wrote together a paper about his work:

Construction of an Eclipse-Based Lung Sounds Analysis Tool for Biomedical Research

This project (a.k.a "Sonidos Respiratorios"), took place in 2005 in collaboration with digital signal and image processing researchers from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Iztapalapa. Its goal was to create an application to perform acquisition, analysis and study of lung sounds data on top of the Eclipse platform. Several students participated in this project.

The project received funding from IBM (eclipse innovation grant 2005) and a paper was published about the architecture of the system:

Service Binder

The Service Binder was a project that I did as part of my PhD thesis (2004). At the time it was published as an open source project and eventually the ideas that were introduced in the Service Binder were integrated to the Declarative Services section of the OSGi specification. The Service Binder was used in companies such as Schneider Electric and Ascert to develop research and commercial products, and at some point in time in the SIP Communicator, an open source VoIP application. The Service Binder is no longer maintained, you should now use the SCR which is available at the following address:

Other links:
  • Service Binder:  Original Sourceforge mini-site with detailed information about the project, downloads (mirror).
  • OSGi tutorial: This tutorial creates successively more complex OSGi bundles to illustrate most of the features and functionality offered by the OSGi framework. It culminates by demonstrating how the ServiceBinder can be used to greatly simplify creating OSGi applications (Il y a une version en Français).

Several papers were published about the Service Binder, here's one of them:

Wire Admin service implementation

In 2004, I developed an implementation of the Wire Admin 1.0 service specification from the OSGi specification release 3. This was published as open source and later donated to Felix:


Beanome was a component model and execution environment for this model built on top of the OSGi framework that took concepts from the JavaBeans component model and from COM. Beanome was built in 2002 and it was the precursor to the Service Binder. Please note that Beanome is not maintained anymore.

Here is a paper I wrote with Richard S. Hall about Beanome:

Last update: September 1st 2014